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Everybody knows the importance of water very well, but still we do not care about it. We often pay too much to drink it from little plastic bottles. We should understand the importance and give our fair share in order to save water. There are many people who drink contaminated water as drinkable water is out of reach to them.

The importance can be understand with this example that the population is continually increasing, but the water resources are limited, means more people with less water. This imbalance situation can only be avoided or solved if we properly use water and always try to save water.

It cannot be denied that only some people do not use water and others do. We all need water in our day to day life; it is the base of our lives. You will find people who start their day in searching of water, sometimes they spend their whole day in it, but they do not get plenty of water. Itís not all about water, but in some parts of the world, one more problem is severely spreading its leg that is contaminated water. There are people who use contaminated water as they do not have other alternative. The results of using contaminated water are very harsh like it causes many diseases due to virus and other microbes and it may take life as well.